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Gofun nail Suou

¥1,500(Including Tax)

It’s purple, but when it’s applied a nail, the color of the appearance of the bottle changes to fascinating Brown like copper.
The traditional color name at which even the eyes of a stack has been made.
First the chromatic color which could be done is reddest in the antiquity which makes the sun and the fire associate.
Not clear red, but the red which feels bluntness somehow.
This is the red which has appeared on a peculiar country climate called Japan by many situations in the natural view which shows.
The sapanwood color which has been loved by a variety as the color which shows red from antiquity.
I’m being born from the color which also unites the softness which can change into the necessary expression I win with the color which shows me a root of the life as the red with the sapanwood color.

Ueba Esou
579, Torocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8401, Japan