In addition to product price and shipping fee, taxes such as customs duties and VAT may be applied in the destination country.
Applicable taxes are on a recipient account.
Please be sure to check before purchasing.

Payment method

PayPal is available.
Payment date will be based on each credit card company’s Membership Agreement.
Please click here to check on details about PayPal.
※Order cancellation is not available on PayPal.


There will be 1,500JPY shipping charge for each order.
You can get free shipping on orders 7,500JPY and over.
Orders will be shipped by international e-packet or EMS service from Japan Post.
Normally, orders will be delivered within approx. 5-10 days.
Please click here to check on deliver day to your place.

Delivery to cold district

Gofun-Nail is a water-based nail polish, and it won’t be able to use if it freezes.
In particular season or area, in a low temperature, there is a possibility to freeze in the middle of delivery.
We will try to avoid from freezing with careful packing, but please consider about it before you make an order.
There will be no returns based on reason of freezing, so please purchase on your understanding about it.
※ Please keep at room temperature (5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃) after receiving products.

Return and exchange policy

If there is a defective product or missing product, please let us know.
I will arrange the replacement products.
Please contact us from our contact form.
Also, please provide following information for smooth process:

  1. Your name
  2. Order number
  3. Details about your order trouble

In the case of out of stock

Items may become out of stock depending on the timing of your order.
In that case, we will contact you to inform the next arrival day.
In addition, you may have options to wait until the next arrival or choose replacements for your order.
Please let us know about your judgement according to above issue.

Point system

Please try our free member registration and receive 100pts!
Points are only available in our WEB site, which you can use for discount on your next shopping.
1 point = 1 yen discount.
※ Shipping fee and settlement fee will not be the object of calculation of points granted.
※ You can check your current points from “My Page” after you logged in.


If you cannot accept the item, the order from you will be canceled.
In the case, we will refund you the balance after deducting the postage.