Shopping Guide

Payment method

PayPal is available.
Payment date will be deducted date based on each credit card company Membership Agreement.
Please see the available specification for details.
※It is not possible to order cancellation on PayPal.
About PayPal

Delivery method

Shipping is international mail from Japan.
That you can not specify the delivery company Please note.

Shipping charges

The postage is uniform 1,500JPY.
Shipping on orders total amount is equal to or greater than the 7,500JPY products will be free.

Estimated to regional delivery in your area

We will deliver after 3 to 4 of your order fixed date.
※ islands in some areas we have gotten your time somewhat.

In the case of out of stock

You might be out of stock by the timing of your order.
In that case, we kindly select one of the following.

  • I you wait until the next arrival day

In addition, there once in stock items will be shipped slower expired.
Each time, so you will receive the guidance from our shop, thank you as you please indicate the correspondence I have you judge.

Regarding delivery to cold climates

Gofun nail on the nature of the water-soluble nail, in sub-zero environment freezes, you will not be able to return to the original.

In particular, in the low season and region of the temperature, there is a possibility to freeze in the middle of delivery of goods. Depending on the region, during the winter there is also possible to withhold a retransmission.
Humbly, so thank you for your understanding.
Sorry for the inconvenience, but please consider ordering from getting warmer.

※ safely arrived product at hand, please keep at room temperature (5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃).

Point system

If you received a new member registration (free), and presents the 100pt!

Point is only in this WEB site, available in 1 point = 1 yen at the next shopping.
※ postage and fees will not be the object of calculation of points granted. Please note.
※ When the number of points I am logged in you can confirm from my page.

Returned or exchanged for

Should, sorry to trouble you, if there is a defective product but not please let me know.
I will re-shipping.
And if you provide the following information: Can you smoothly allowed to correspond to the time of contact.

  • Your name
  • Order number
  • Goods different, goods and state, and the like that are missing.

Inquiries about defective,
Thank you from the contact form.

Ueba Esou
579, Torocho, Shimogyo-ku Kyoto-shi, Kyoto, 600-8401, Japan