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Gofun Cosmetics胡粉コスメ

Striving for the Beauty of Japanese Tradition

We want to share the charm of "Gofun" with people not involved in traditional Japanese painting. We aim for people to experience the elegance of Japanese aesthetics. That is why we developed a line of gentle cosmetics for the skin. Our concept is inspired by the allure and grace of geisha and maiko, bringing the vibrant beauty of the four seasons of the ancient capital to life.


We take great care in being "skin-friendly" and offering easy-to-use facial soaps, hand care products, and nail care items suitable for anyone. Our lipsticks are designed to recreate the colors of Japan's four seasons using the vivid pigments that can only be found from a historied paint shop such as ours. Our product lineup is loved by individuals of all genders and ages, and our gift sets are especially well received.

Brand Concepts

Preserving the Beautiful White of Japanese Tradition

In 1751, the first-generation Genoguya Sobei began the "Company Gofun," and gofun, an essential white pigment used in traditional Japanese paintings, became UEBAESOU's flagship product. Gofun is made by crushing aged scallop shells and soaking them in water before then being dried in the sun. It is a painstaking process that takes a considerable amount of time.

The beautiful white of gofun serves as a foundation in traditional Japanese painting, enhancing the brilliance of other vivid colors. Going in line with this thinking, we want to create products that enhance people's natural skin and appearance. Our strong desire to preserve these traditional pigments and techniques like gofun is what led us to develop our line of cosmetics.

For someone who...

Gentle Care for Everyone, Minimize Irritation

We aim to create products that can be used by as many people as possible, including those conscious about what they subject their skin to. To ensure this, we carefully selected natural ingredients and pursued formulas that cause minimal irritation.

The colors we encounter every day are closely related to our mood, as understood by color therapy. When we see beautiful colors, we often feel comforted and energized. With over 270 years of experience creating colors in Japan, UEBAESOU is able to express subtle shades that are unique to us. We hope that not only will those seeking sereneity for their skin choose and enjoy our products, but also those who want to adorn themselves with beautiful colors.


Completely Additive-Free, Premium Organic Handmade Soap

Made in Kyoto, our handmade soap is a collaboration between UEBAESOU, a long-established paint shop in Kyoto, and the Kyoto-based soap specialist store, "Kyoto Shabonya." We came together to deliver a refreshing, moisturizing, and soft foam that nurtures pale, beautiful skin like a maiko. It is recommended for people concerned with the clearness or dryness of their skin, their pores and those who value products that are additive-free.

  • Craftsmanship with Attention to Detail

    We are dedicated to using carefully selected ingredients and manufacturing methods, resulting in a finish that leaves your skin feeling so moisturized that you may not even need a toner. Each soap is handcrafted one by one at a low temperature (cold process method) to preserve the beneficial components of high-quality vegetable oils, then further matured for two months after completion.

  • A Refreshing and Gentle Sensation

    Calcium carbonate, the main component of gofun, has a clean, round shape, that creates a scrubbing effect which cleanses the skin without causing damage. It removes impurities and blemishes from pores, giving your skin a clear and refined appearance.

  • A Delicate and Lovely Fragrance

    We use Kyoto-produced hinoki (Japanese cypress) as a base, this natural fragrance conveys the graceful essence of Kyoto.

  • A Moisturizing Finish

    Using the finest quality organic extra virgin olive oil as the main ingredient, this soap contains more than ten types of organic natural vegetable oils, ensuring a rich and moisturizing finish that doesn't leave your skin feeling tight.

  • Choose from Two Sizes

    The popular 90g size provides ample usage, lasting approximately three months if used for both morning and evening facial cleansing. The 10g size has been well-received as a tester or as a souvenir, it lasts about one week if used for both morning and evening facial cleansing.
    Note: These timeframes may depend on individual usage.


Makeup and Lip Care in One
A Moisturizing Lipstick that Blooms the Colors of Kyoto Flowers

Vivid and alluring, this liquid lipstick is inspired by the seasonal flowers that grace the scenery of Kyoto. Available in six seasonal flower colors, you can find your ideal shade. With just one stroke, it bestows rich pigmentation that makes your lips appear naturally colored and adds a glossy and translucent finish. Enriched with abundant natural-derived ingredients and components derived from each flower, every application cares for your lips. Take care of both your makeup and lip care with just this one lipstick.

  • The Unique Color Expression of a Paint Shop

    We take great care in color expression, and as Japan's oldest paint shop with a history of over 270 years rooted in Kyoto, UEBAESOU strives to maintain both vivid colors and a transparent, glossy appearance. Its soft texture reduces stickiness, allowing your lips to hold on to the true colors of the lipstick.

  • Seasonal Flower Colors

    From the weeping plum trees of Jōnan-gū Shrine and cherry blossoms of Daigo-ji Temple in spring, the cypress fan from the Gion Festival in summer, the autumn daisies of Kifune Shrine and the autumn leaves of Manshu-in Temple in fall, and the camellias on the Philosopher's Path in winter. Gracefully adorn your expressions with your choice of these 6 colors.

    • Koubai Koubai
      Spring flower colorKoubai
    • Sakura Sakura
      Spring flower colorSakura
    • Hiogi Hiogi
      Summer flower colorHiogi
    • Shumeigiku Shumeigiku
      Autumn flower colorShumeigiku
    • Momiji Momiji
      Autumn flower colorMomiji
    • Sazanka Sazanka
      Winter flower colorSazanka
  • Natural and Radiant Lips Without Blemishing

    Infused with gentle natural-derived ingredients, it keeps your lips moisturized and supple. "K Complex," a natural-derived ingredient with properties similar to Vitamin K, leads to naturally radiant lips without blemishing.

  • Plumpening and Moisturizing Hydrating Ingredients

    We have carefully balanced the moisturizing and elasticity-boosting ingredients to ensure firmness and hydration.

  • 5 Gentle Additive-Free Ingredients for Your Skin

    We have formulated our products with five key ingredients that don't burden the skin so that you can use them with confidence.


Spread Smooth and Maintain Moisture
A Light and Refreshing Hand Gel

This gentle medicinal hand gel formulated with Kyoto-produced tea, silk, and other plant-derived ingredients soothes and nurtures the hands of people with rough, cracking and chapping skin, leading to fresher and more moisturized skin. Its smooth and easy application allows you to use your smartphone or computer immediately after application without any discomfort. It provides long-lasting moisturizing power while feeling smooth on the surface. It is a reliable product to keep on hand all year round, not just the dry winter.

  • Effective Ingredients to Prevent Skin Troubles

    It contains "Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate" (Licorice Extract), a pharmaceutical ingredient extracted from the roots and stems of licorice. This ingredient has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that helps prevent skin troubles.

  • Kyoto-derived Ingredients that Care for Your Hands

    Utilizing moisturizing Kyoto-produced tea leaves and precious Kyoto-produced golden silk extract, it also keeps your skin healthy.

    Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

    Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

    Hydrolyzed Silk

    Hydrolyzed Silk

  • 5 Gentle Additive-Free Ingredients for Your Skin

    We have formulated our products with five key ingredients that don't burden the skin so that you can use them with confidence.

Watering gel

Moisturize Your Fingertips with a Light Touch

A dedicated beauty serum that moisturizes dry fingertips and nails. Its smooth texture allows for easy application and moisturization of your fingertips. It is enriched with natural fragrances that provide a soothing experience and includes ingredients that gently hydrate your fingers. The cute container complements the Gofun Nail product line, and the packaging features illustrations representing the scents, drawn using gansai, traditional Japanese pigments.

  • Moisturize Anytime, Anywhere

    Use it after washing your hands or doing water-related tasks, after applying nail polish, or whenever your fingertips feel dry. It can be used not only on your fingers but also your elbows. For an even more moisturizing effect, use it together with hand cream. It pairs perfectly with UEBAESOU's Medical Hand Moisture Gel, providing a fresh and moist combination.

  • Yuzu Fragrance

    Formulated with Kochi Prefecture's yuzu, including citrus peel water, citrus fruit extract, and citrus fruit oil. The scent of citrus is said to have relaxing and refreshing effects, as well as promote blood circulation by stimulating the sympathetic nervous system.

    Yuzu Fragrance
  • Rose Fragrance

    Contains rosa damascena flower water and oil. The exquisite scent of rare damask roses is known to uplift the mood and provide mental stability.

    Rose Fragrance

Ingredients that gently hydrate your fingertips

  • Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil
    Adansonia Digitata Seed Oil

    Rich in unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, baobab seed oil has garnered so much attention that it has been taken to being called a "magic oil" in Africa.

  • Marula Oil(Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil)
    Marula Oil(Sclerocarya Birrea Seed Oil)

    A rare oil obtained from the Marula tree, which is native to Africa. It is said to provide heavy moisturization and soften the skin.

  • Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil
    Macadamia Integrifolia Seed Oil

    With its lightweight texture, macadamia seed oil easily penetrates the skin's stratum corneum. It is abundant in palmitoleic acid, which tends to decrease with age.

  • A natural preservative derived from plants (Basil and Star Anise)
    A natural preservative derived from plants
    (Basil and Star Anise)

    Careful attention is paid to preservatives used which is why plant-derived products are selected.