Gofun Nail胡粉ネイル

You can freely express your favorite colors and enjoy traditional Japanese hues on the mini canvas that is your nails.
Embodying the essence of Japanese aesthetics that have been passed down over 270 years.


  • About "Gofun”

    Gofun has remained our flagship product since the very founding of Ueba Eso it being a white pigment that is so important to Japanese artistry. Gofun is produced by leaving scallop shells exposed to the elements for around ten years in order to weather and erode them. The shells are then separated bottom from top and polished, washed, and ground into powder. It is then mixed with groundwater to form a muddy substance, stirred, and left to settle before being poured onto cedar boards and dried. This meticulous process that takes time and effort is what is needed to create this beautiful traditional Japanese white pigment. It stands as a symbol of a vibrant culture that synergizes and elevates the allure of other colors. Gofun Nail products contains this gofun as an ingredient.

  • Nails as Canvases

    "While only a few can paint in the style of Japanese paintings, anyone can become an artist decorating the small canvas that is their nails."

    In 2010, we released a product line with the goal of introducing the harmonious colors of Japan under their beautiful native names that were passed down over 270 years, so that people can easily experience the charm of Japanese aesthetics. We offer a range of colors unique to our historied paint shop, decorated with a label that bears a trademark devised all the way back in the Taisho era.

    Nail art

Product Concepts

  • Nail-friendly Nail Polish for All Ages

    Our MADE IN JAPAN Gofun Nail Polish contains gofun and uses water as a solvent. This water-soluble formula is free from the typical strong odor found in more typical nail polishes, while offering a quick-drying and light application. This gentle composition makes it safe for children, pregnant women, and individuals recovering from illness. It is also widely utilized as nail polish in care facilities.

  • Alcohol-Removable & Water-Soluble Nail Polish

    The term water-soluble nail polish refers to how the primary component for dissolving pigments and other ingredients being water. This type of nail polish is characterized by its lack of strong odors and smooth application. When removing it, it can be easily removed with alcohol and there is less strain on the nails. Whether for daily use or special occasions like holidays, outings, weddings, or coming-of-age ceremonies, this water-soluble nail polish is perfect for everyone, including those who do not usually wear nail polish.

    Alcohol-Removable & Water-Soluble Nail Polish
  • The Authentic Japanese Color Palette of a Time-Honored Paint Shop

    Ueba Eso offers a wide range of color variations, having spent over 270 years preserving Japan's traditional colors. The collection includes more than 110 colors, including limited-edition seasonal and store-exclusive shades.

    We value upholding tradition during the color creation process while also embracing contemporary shades that suit the modern era. The colors are carefully curated to ensure excellent color display when applied to the nails. When developing new shades, we try our best to remain mindful of seasonal influences, trends, and customer feedback.

    In addition to classic colors, Ueba Eso also offers limited-edition shades that reflect the rich landscapes of Japan throughout the four seasons.

  • The Modern-Traditional Design "Byakko" (White Fox)

    Dating back to the Taisho era, Ueba Eso's trademark "White Fox" has been cherished for over a century, influenced by art nouveau, which was popular during the time of its creation while the sixth-generation was head of the company. The design was first showcased on the packaging of gofun paint but has now been incorporated into the label for Gofun Nail Polish. Now, more than a decade after Gofun Nail's introduction, it has endearingly earned the names of "Byakko-san" and "Byakko-chan."

    White Fox
  • An Exquisite Brush for Precise Application

    We developed a specially designed brush for Gofun Nail Polish, featuring a slightly thicker and well-bundled bristle compared to standard nail brushes. This design aims to minimize the number of brush strokes and reduce uneven application. The bristles are neither too stiff nor too soft, striking a perfect balance for smooth application with water-based nail polish. For the best results, we recommend applying the nail polish slowly, allowing the bristles to naturally follow the curves of the nails.


For someone who...

Gofun Nail Polish offers a diverse range of colors, both vivid and subtlely nuanced, as well as exotic and rarely seen combinations. These colors, inspired by traditional Japanese art, have garnered a wide following from individuals of all ages, genders, and nationalities who appreciate Japan and its traditional captial of Kyoto, both domestically and abroad.

  • For Children, Pregnant Women, the Elderly, and Those Undergoing Medical Treatment

    Gofun Nail Polish is an organic solvent-free and low-odor water-soluble nail polish, making it suitable for children to enjoy with their parents as well as expectant mothers. It is also well-received by the elderly who use it as nail polish in care facilities. Additionally, it provides a solution for individuals undergoing cancer treatment, as it covers nail discolorations while adding a touch of color to their battle with illness, allowing some measure of comfort for their journey.

  • For Men Who Want to Enjoy Nail Art

    The "Shikkoku" shade offers a striking single coat that is popular among men. It creates a sharp look when applied alone or it can be layered with glittery nail colors like "Aokuchi Unmo" or accented with gold leaf to create lots of unique designs and arrangements.

  • For Those Wanting to Save Time

    Since it dries in just a minute or two, you can quickly apply a coat in the morning to match your outfit during your makeup routine. Its smooth and easy application has received favorable feedback from individuals on the go and those working on repairing chipped nails.

  • For Those 'Oshi-katsuing'

     One of the distinctive features of Gofun Nail Polish is its wide range of color variations, appealing to individuals involved in oshi-katsu activities, which is similar to "stanning" someone or something. It's easy to find colors that perfectly match the colors of their favorite idols, games, or anime characters. It has become a beloved choice for oshi-katsu and stans looking to show support for what they love.

  • For Lovers of Japan and Kyoto

    As awareness of Japanese and Kyoto cosmetics grows, Gofun Nail Polish's traditional Japanese colors and names, Kyoto-themed packaging, and "made in Japan" quality have received praise from international customers. It is highly recommended as a distinctively Japanese gift for those who appreciate Japanese culture and aesthetics.



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