Gofun Nail The Fall / Winter 2023 limited edition colors

Gofun Nail The Fall / Winter 2023 limited edition colors

Gofun Nail The Fall / Winter 2023 limited edition colors

Gofun Nail The Fall / Winter 2023 limited edition colors, which went on sale in September, are three unique colors.

Kimomoji - mustard yellow color

As the morning and evening temperatures drop and become chilly, trees begin to change colors. Some maple trees turn red, while others turn yellow, depending on the species. Ginkgo, beech, and persimmon trees offer a wide variety of colors to delight us in the short autumn season. We named it "Kimomiji (yellow leaves)" with a sense of the season, a golden, deep mustard yellow that is a suitable color for the season when clothes are more monotone and darker colors.

"Kimomiji (yellow autumn leaves)" is also the name for the combination of yellow and brown in women's costumes during the Heian period (794-1185). The Manyoshu (famous 8thC poetry anthology) also describes yellow autumn leaves.

Renga iro - reddish brown color

Western-style architecture of the Meiji era brings to mind the image of red bricks. A new color was created to imitate those bricks, which are quaint and have the warmth of time. It is an exquisite color that is neither red nor brown, and has the effect of brightening the skin.

In Japan, stone and brick structures were introduced from wooden buildings during the Meiji period. Brick buildings such as banks, train stations, and other symbols of the city became popular. Later, many buildings were destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake and air raids, but many of the existing buildings have been designated as important cultural properties and are scattered throughout Japan.

Cacao - gentle glaze like milk cocoa

Nude colors are always requested by our customers. In response to this request, we have developed a gentle beige with a slight reddish tinge. The color has a slightly sheer finish that gives a natural look. The color is like milk cocoa, hence the name "Cocoa".

Cacao has been used in its native Mesoamerica (around present-day Mexico) since as early as 1900 B.C. It is said to have been used as an offering to the gods and as a medicine. Columbus brought cacao seeds back to Spain in 1502, but it was not until the 17th century that cacao spread in Europe in earnest. Cacao was brought to Japan by the Dutch to Dejima Island in the late Edo period (1603-1868). It was not until after World War II that they became popular as sweets for the common people. It is now a confectionary loved around the world.

Please enjoy Gofun Nail The Fall / Winter 2023 limited edition colors!

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