About Uebaesou / About Gofun Nail

About Uebaesou / About Gofun Nail

About Uebaesou / About Gofun Nail

Are you interested in us and our products? We would like to introduce Uebaesou and Gofun Nail.

People-friendly products

In 2010, Ueha Eso, a paint shop, started a cosmetics brand with the hope that many people would be able to appreciate the Japanese colors and charm of gofun.
The Gofun Cosmetics Series, which uses natural ingredients with a long history, focuses on gentle formulas so that they can be used by many people.

From Kyoto, a city with a long tradition of manufacturing, we are happy to offer products that are gentle to both people and the earth. We hope you will use our products with a Japanese spirit for many years to come.

Advantages of Gofun Nail

Those who use gofun nail polish for the first time are surprised at the high color rendering and quick-drying properties.
It dries in about 1-2 minutes, so you can quickly apply it to match your clothes in your morning makeup time. Total coordination is flexible.

Gofun Nail polish can be removed with rubbing alcohol for disinfecting hands.
This nail polish is also popular as a one-day nail for those who normally do not use nail polish due to work or other reasons.

Special brush of Gofun Nail

Gofun-nail brushes are thick and have tightly wound, firm bristles.
The flat brush is a good fit for nails; you can paint smoothly.

We are pioneer of water based nail coat

Gofun Nail Polish is a water-soluble nail coat that uses "water" as the solvent.
So, gofun nail polish does not have the strong irritating smell of conventional nail polish paints, and it dries quickly and is light to apply.
We recommend our nail polish for those who don't have time to wait for drying, who have weak nails and cannot use irritating products, or who have damaged nails due to too much nail polish.

Bringing "Japan color" to the world

We want to spread the unique colors and traditions of Japan from Kyoto to the world.
Although there are only a limited number of people who paint Japanese-style paintings, nail art is now an art and fashion that can be easily enjoyed.
Our wish is that many people of all ages can enjoy nail art using gentle Japanese colors.
With a history of over 270 years, we have something to offer.

Please enjoy Gofun Nail!

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